Dadwell & Co. is an independent media project at the intersection of creativity and fatherhooD.

Dadwell & Co. media includes podcasts, essays, social media, and short films.



I started Dadwell & Co. as an independent media project at the intersection of fatherhood and creativity. The Dadwell Podcast shares stories about maker/artist/designer dads who are managing thriving creative practices while remaining present, engaged, kick-ass fathers.

Each episode I pull back the curtain on a different dad’s creative practice, fathering philosophy, and practical tactics for navigating the stress, fatigue, resentment, wonder, pride, and joy of raising the creative bar while simultaneously raising small humans.

Countless creative people (especially me!) struggle to strike a balance between fatherhood and their lives as makers, artists, and designers. Others grapple with whether or not to even start a family — which I did for years — for fear the commitment and responsibility of parenting will eclipse their creative pursuits.

I believe men need to hear positive alternatives to the common narrative that says being a dad means putting creative pursuits on pause, sidelining side hustles, and reorienting one’s self as breadwinner and provider above all else.

So, if you’re struggling to strike a balance between fatherhood and your life as a maker/artist/designer/filmmaker/author/musician — or just want to hear parenting advice from other creative people — this is the podcast for you.

Dadwell is a weekly long-form interview podcast. It’s entirely self-funded and (at launch) has no sponsorship or advertising. That could change in the future, but right now it’s nice to develop something independent of those constraints or compromises.

Six weeks into the project, I’ve interviewed 18 dads ranging from — DJs and designers to authors and auteurs. I’ve bore witness to the stories of single dads and stepdads, dads-to-be, dads of one, two and three, Buddhist dads, Catholic dads, Jewish dads, atheist dads, black dads, white dads, Latino dads and Asian dads. I accumulated over 36 hours of beautiful, powerful, insightful audio and distilled that down to a season of weekly long-form episodes.

I am truly indebted to every guest of the Dadwell podcast. These men showed up. They dug deep, spoke openly, and made themselves vulnerable. It’s been a profound honor — each and every time — to share space with these dads. I am truly humbled to know them. I believe you will feel the same after listening.

I’m really excited to see where things go. And I hope you love what you learn on Dadwell.

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